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Applying to internships can be very difficult and stressful.  To make it easier we have compiled a continuously updated list of potential internship opportunities and resources to help with the application process. 

Internship Resources 

Please scroll to the bottom to access the SCM Resume Template! 

SPO Database

We here at SPO want to provide our members with the tools they need to succeed! There is no better way to do that than have our very own internship database. This sheet is updated weekly by our Corporate Services team to provide you with easy access for your internship, Co-Op and fulltime search.

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STAR Strategies 

Here are some tips to learn about the STAR method for behavioral-based interviews! 

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Networking Advice

Read up on these important networking tips in order to gain more insight! This document includes details of the DOs and DON'Ts of networking, which is very crucial in the business world.

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Common Behavioral Interview Questions

Here is a list of common behavioral interview questions companies like to ask!

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Interview Preparation Worksheet

Prepare in advance for your invterviews using this chart in order to increase your success of landing that internship or full-time opportunity!

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Resume Examples

Below is the link for the SCM resume template​!

Above is the link for example of skills and action words for your resume

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