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Dr. Wayhan's Advising

Let us help you reach your goals! Set up a 1-1 advising session with our very own Dr. Wayhan. 

In order to qualify for advising you need to:
- Attend Dr. Wayhan's A-Z Meeting 
- Attend Dr. Wayhan's SCM 101 Meeting
- Prepare your resume in SPO's format
- Be a paid SPO member

Milestones of business projects-pana.png

Dr. Wayhan's A-Z Meeting 
Session 1 : 9/1/2023

Session 2 : 9/22/2023


Dr. Wayhan's SCM 101 Meeting 
Session 1 : 9/15/2023

Session 2 : 9/29/2023


Please register through the links for 1 of each and click HERE to be redirected to a resume sample.

Contact our VP of Communications, Linh Ly, for any more questions you have!

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