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We’ve refined the search for Supply Chain students, so you don’t have to.

Here’s what makes our members better prepared than the average student:

Educational Enrichment 

We provide additional educational opportunities such as: excel, public speaking, contracts and much more to help better educate and mold our students into Supply Chain professionals.

Social Events

We are strong in building close networks to help create a strong foundation for each individual.

Work Load

Our members already made the first step to developing themselves professionally by attending a pre-determined amount of events on top of balancing school work.

Professional Networking 

We believe in time outside of the library to develop our members communication skills and soft skills.

Slicing & Dicing 

We hold case competitions semi-annually hosted by you our sponsors, to develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

Plant Tours

Our members have not only read about it but seen it as well. We hold 3 plant tours per semester to better help the transition into the real world.

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