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Family Leads

Dubai Family Lead
Jude Shoubaki

Dubai Family_ Jude Shoubaki.JPG

Dubai Family


We want to foster a space of inclusivity that empowers and pushes you to find your fullest potential. You'll find lifelong friends who support you and your endeavors through your journey while at Bauer and as you continue your career

London Family


Our mission is to foster professional and personal growth that are meaningful relationships and sincere understanding

London Family Lead
Alexis Aguilar

London Family_ Alexis Aguilera.jpeg

Madrid Family Lead
Julio Adrian Navarro

Madrid Family_ Julio Adrian Navarro.jpg

Madrid Family


To make every member feel included and help them reach new heights by providing guidance and mentorship.

Tokyo Family


Our vision is to help develop professional skills and strong relationships that allow mentees to reach their full potential. Tokyo Family mentors offer one-to-one, group, and professional mentoring to any student, freshman through senior year. We strive to provide the best SPO experience professionally and personally.

Tokyo Family Lead
Michael Duffy

Tokyo Family_ Michael Duffy.jpeg

Nairobi Family Lead
Zhen Tran

Nairobi Family_ Zhenbao Tan.jpeg

Nairobi Family


We want to empower students to take ownership of learning and develop a mindset of continuous improvement. We want to form a community to help students broaden their world with opportunities and provide valuable resources to go further beyond their current limits.

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