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The Sourcing & Procurement Organization at Bauer is the top student organization for Supply Chain Management at the University of Houston C.T Bauer College of Business. SPO Bauer loves to put members first.


SPO at Bauer is the premier student organization for Supply Chain Management at the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business. Since 2008, we have been tirelessly dedicated to our Vision:

“Producing the most professional and knowledgeable Supply Chain Management students in the nation.”


In order to understand the purpose and goals of the Sourcing & Procurement Student Organization at Bauer, we have composed a Mission Statement:

“To provide our members with the resources to become professionals at major corporations through career opportunities, business networking, industry knowledge, and professional development.”

SPO at Bauer provides our members with networking opportunities with both the members and industry professionals. Networking with industry professionals includes but is not limited to: General Meetings, Recruiting Events, Student Development Workshops, Fun Nights and Plant Tours.


Members gain additional industry knowledge through General Meetings, Plant Tours, and Student Development Workshops, SPO CoffeeChats Podcasts, Alumni Mentorship Program and Family Mentorship Program. Workshops provide specialized knowledge not provided through the Supply Chain curriculum.

Through the Student Development Program, members gain key industry knowledge, professional and soft skills, and abilities. Members also gain the opportunity to network with and learn from industry professionals from our partners and alumni base.


To provide members with Career Opportunities through: semi-annual Career Fair, Career Mixers, and online employment opportunities.

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